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Explore the Underwater Topography of North American Lakes with these Laser-Cut Wood Maps by 'Below the Boat'


Map Library Treasure. Amazing book by French architect Florence Lipsky, “San Francisco: La grille sur les collines (The Grid meets the Hills)” (1999).  Excellent blend of history, planning, and geography. Here are just a few pages…


These Forests Of Light Are Projected On Famous Buildings, And You’re In The Picture

Planned for the big United Nations climate conference in Paris next year, Naziha Mestaoui’s “forests of light” show is really two light shows in one. The first is the public show on the buildings and monuments, which will be made up of trees generated in 3-D. The second is the image of the show on mobile phones, augmented with “unique virtual trees” attuned to each viewer’s heartbeat.

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Galleries in Shanghai combine shopping and exhibitions



(The exhibition at the K11 Art Mall, ‘‘Monet: Master of Impressionism,’’ which includes 40 of his paintings. Photo by Chun Chen)

Inside the K11 Art Mall, an elevator ride away from Burberry, Chloé, Balenciaga and other high-end shops, hundreds of people line up each day to see very different kinds of luxury items on display. An exhibition of 40 paintings by Claude Monet, billed as the largest-ever show of the Impressionist’s work in China, opened in March in a basement gallery space of this retail magnet. On a recent Sunday, 600 people at a time filled the two rooms of the gallery space to see “Monet: Master of Impressionism,” on view until June 15.

The approximately 300,000-square-foot art mall opened in May 2013, and it’s not the only one. Many malls in China now make art-viewing part of the shopping experience, with some devoting themselves equally to exhibiting art and selling merchandise. (New York Times)